Thursday, February 7, 2019

Early Thelma Todd Publicity


Early publicity mentions Thelma Todd as being one of the girls to graduate from Paramount's acting school in 1926.

                          Another article from around the same time, posted by Jack Taylor on facebook.

Jack Taylor:

 A very early mention of Miss Thelma Todd (June, 1926). All these actors appeared in "Fascinating Youth" the same year. Some of these young actors had more productive careers than others. Here's a rundown (based on IMDB).

1 Thelda Kenvin 
2 Greg Blackton
2 Claude Buchanan
3 Dorothy Nourse
3 Irving Hartley
5 Robert Andrews
5 Iris Gray
7 Mona Palmer
17 Charles Brokaw
41 Charles Rogers
42 Josephine Dunn
61 Walter Goss (changed his name to Rolan Drew)
73 Jeanne Morgan (changed her name to Jean Fenwick. Most films uncredited.)
89 Jack Luden (most films uncredited)
119 Thelma Todd (career cut short by her early death)


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