Friday, February 15, 2019

Thelma Todd On Keystone Bomber

Thelma Todd poses on the lower wing of a biplane in a photograph taken in the 1930's. An ebay seller said* it was a Lockheed plane, but the B 4 ( marked on the side of the plane ) actually was made by Keystone.

A drawing of the Keystone B-4 A bomber.

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*Ebay seller's description:

 "Photograph of Thelma Todd sitting on the wing of one of Lockheed's bombers. It is possibly a Hudson, but I am not sure. Thelma is with the pilot I presume, of the aircraft. 

It's a terrific photo showing an old 1930's car in the lower left hand corner, and great markings on the aircraft.

This photo is from my Uncle's collection. He worked at Lockheed and this photo is from a set taken at Lockheed in Burbank, CA." 

Keystone B 4 Bomber:


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  1. Scott Margolin: Looks to be around mid 1933, given Thelma's hairstyle. Looks like how she wore it in One Track Minds. So beautiful!