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A New Version of the book TESTIMONY OF A DEATH by Patrick Jenning and Marshall Croddy is now available. I don't agree with everything in that book, but I'll repost this here as it is something that I have discussed on this blog before, and some of it has to do with the Luciano story which was mentioned in connection with the table from Thelma Todd's Sidewalk Cafe.

From The Thelma Todd Fan Group on facebook.

For those interested in the mystery of Todd's death, I'm bringing out updated versions of the book Marshall Croddy and I wrote, Testimony of a Death/Thelma Todd: Mystery, Media, and Myth in 1935 Los Angeles. You can buy it on Amazon or through A hardcopy version should be available through Barnes and Noble soon.

Patrick Jenning As much as I'd like to sell more copies, there really isn't that much different from the first version, other than I've corrected a lot of typos. It does have a new cover, and some footnoted information about Jewel Carmen has changed to reflect the information I came across researching a new book about Los Angeles in the first part of the 20th century: The Long Winding Road of Harry Raymond: A Detective's Journey Down the Mean Streets of Pre-War Los Angeles. Jewel was a bit of a bad girl the early 'teens.


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