Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Behind The Scenes Of 39 Laurel And Hardy Films

A look at scenes behind the scenes of 39 Laurel and Hardy movies.

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Behind the scenes of Early To Bed, The Finishing Touch, Should Married Men Go Home, A Perfect Day, Angora Love, Men O War, They Go Boom, Wrong Again, Brats, Hog Wild, The Laurel and Hardy Murder Case, The Rogue Song, Beau Hunks, One Good Turn, Any Old Port, County Hospital, Pack Up Your Troubles, Towed In A Hole, Busy Bodies, Sons Of The Desert, Babes In Toyland, Bonnie Scotland, The Bohemian Girl, Our Relations, Pick A Star, Way Out West, Blockheads, Swiss Miss, The Flying Deuces, A Chump At Oxford, Saps At Sea, Great Guns, A Haunting We Will Go, Air Raid Wardens, Dancing Masters, Jitterbugs, The Bullfighters, Nothing But Trouble and their final film, Atoll K (Utopia).

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Here we have a look behind the scenes of many Laurel and Hardy films. Thelma Todd appears in a publicity shot made on the set of BRATS, which was built oversize so as to make Laurel and Hardy ( or in this case Thelma Todd ) look small by comparison. The same trick was used in the same period in THE DEVIL DOLL and it would be used again in later films.

And here's little Thelma in the same set.

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