Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HORSEFEATHERS: A Horse With Two Endings Rides Again

A publicity photo from HORSEFEATHERS that I hadn't seen before turned up on ebay recently.

                  Thelma Todd is on the right with Groucho Marx, while Zeppo is at the center.

This doesn't represent anything that is actually in the finished film. The fire in the background suggests that this might be related to an unused ending in which the Marx Brothers burned the college that the story was set in to the ground.

                          After the ending of the movie was changed, a pressbook retained a photo which showed that ending has the Marx Brothers playing cards in front of the burning college.

I prefer the ending in the finshed film, where Chico, Groucho, and Harpo all marry Thelma Todd.
This is the end.

Horse Feathers:



  1. Who is the 4th person hidden behind Todd? Zeppo?

  2. Thelma Todd is on the right with Groucho Marx. Zeppo is at the center.