Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bebe Daniels Kidnap Threat Article

Bebe Daniels is mentioned in this article as having been one of the victims of kidnapping threats.

SUNDAY TIMES Perth, WA March 27, 1932

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Prominent People Fear


NEW YORK, Saturday.

Already electrified by the Lindbergh kidnapping crime, the nation stood aghast today as "Ihe growing kidnap racket threateend some of the most famous parents in the country

In Washington Mrs. Alice Roosevelt Longworth, a widow, had detectives guarding her home after threats to kidnap her young daughter Paulina unless 15,000 dollars was paid to the racketeers.

" ' Sir Wilmot Lewis, correspondent of the London "Times," received a letter menacing his son's safety unless demands subsequently to be made are complied with.

Mrs. Harold Gatty Is travelling with her children from California to Washington under a heavy guard, fearing abduction.

Jack Dempsey before leaving here for Chicago hired a detective guard because be feared abduction for ransom.

Ben Lyon and hts wife. Bebe Daniels, screen stars, are in practical retirement after kidnap threats against them.

The country is in a virtual state of terror demanding drastic action by Congress against organised violence.

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