Monday, April 14, 2014

June Brewster In The Fan Magazines

June Brewster was in the "Blondes and Redheads" series with Carol Tevis. Although the posters for the series I've seen had Carol Tevis, I see more publicity pictures of June Brewster.

June Brewster on the left.

Mary Pickford, right, was from the silent era. But in the thirties she was still considered one of the glamour girls.

Bathing Beauty Brewster at bottom right.

Bathing Beauty Brewster at bottom right.

June Brewster at the right in a Spanish language fan magazine.
 Dorothy Dell, bottom center, died in a traffic accident not long afterwards. Ida Lupino had come over from England recently at the time this picture was taken.
Bathing Beauty Brewster on the right of this Spanish language fan magazine.

June Brewster on the left in a Spanish language fan magazine. 

Olivia Haviland, bottom, as she looked early in her career. 


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