Friday, April 25, 2014

HELL'S ANGELS Official Program

The program for HELL'S ANGELS they gave out at the premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theater in 1930.


Buster Keaton was still a star in early talkies. His later decline came as a surprise to all his fans. 

Will Rogers was a top star in the thirties. His career was cut short by a plane crash that also took the life of famous pilot Wiley Post.

Clara Bow was a big star in the silent era. She made a few talkies, but it just wasn't the same. 

The Floradora girls were the product of an earlier era. Like the Keystone Kops, they made an occasional comeback. The Marion Davies version came out in 1930.



Ben Lyon and Bebe Daniels may be seen in this film of the premiere, as well as Buster Keaton, Wheeler and Woolsey, Joe E. Brown, Sally Eilers, and Hoot Gibson.


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