Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Christine McIntyre Photos

Sometimes Christine McIntyre played about the same character as "Pearl Pureheart" in Mighty Mouse cartoons. Here we see her as the long-suffering heroine of a Three Stooges comedy.


But sometimes she played a villainess.

HOT SCOTS ( 1948 )

In this one, she turned out to be one of the bad guys.


In a story that has it that Shemp must marry in order to gain an inheritance, Christine is one of the potential brides.

Nancy Saunders is on the right.

Incidentally, these publicity pictures don't have anything to do with the story.

Christine McIntyre is still popular with fans today.


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  1. Christine could have acted in any movie(s) but she chose The Three Stooges by far the most. She was most beautiful and could sing like a bird. I bet she was a joy to be around!