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June Brewster

June Brewster was teamed with Carol Tevis in the "Blondes and Redheads" series at RKO, which was produced by George Stevens and has been likened to his "Boy Friends" series at Roach, but the focus was on the girls, and the characters were not teenagers. June Brewster appeared in minor roles in features as a pretty girl, and can frequently be seen in leg art publicity photos. She appeared in HIPS, HIPS, HOORAY with Wheeler and Woolsey and  in MEET THE BARON ( 1933 ) with The Three Stooges and Ted Healy, with whom they were working at that time.

She bred pedigree show dogs in addition to acting (source: "The Film Daily, Apr-Jun 1935").

MELODY CRUISE ( 1933 ) with Charles Ruggles and Phil Harris.

FLYING DEVILS 1933 RKO with Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards.

The same studio also made FLYING DOWN TO RIO in this period, June Brewster was also in that. Here is a publicity photo of her from that movie.


HIPS, HIPS HOORAY ( 1934 ) with Robert Woolsey
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                                                                 PRIVATE SCANDAL ( 1934 )

Leg art with the Graflex.


June Brewster married Guy McAfee, who ran gambling first in Los Angeles and later in Los Vegas.

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 ( Guy ) McAfee was a former L.A. vice squad captain, turned proprietor of an illicit gambling den, the Clover Club on Sunset Strip, which was equipped with gaming tables that could be flipped over and hidden during raids. This did not, ultimately, stop a successful raid by the police. McAfee, with wife June in tow, duly left for Las Vegas, where he acquired the Pair-O-Dice Nightclub and Casino on Highway 91. He purchased several other lucrative properties during the 1940's: the Frontier Club, the Mandalay Lounge, the Pioneer Club, the SS Rex (which became Benny Binion's Horseshoe), and, most famously the Golden Nugget in 1946. At the time of his death fourteen years later, McAfee was considered one of the most successful operators in the history of America's gambling capital.

June Brewster card

*Another erroneous assumption: the American Film Institute Catalog of Feature Films 1931-1940 mistakenly identifies June Brewster as one of the Brewster Twins; this is incorrect. Barbara Brewster and Gloria Brewster were the Brewster Twins.

Blondes And Redheads series:

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