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SEASON'S GREETINGS was a Christmas themed short subject produced by Vitaphone that featured their "female Laurel and Hardy" team, Thelma White and Fanny Watson.

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Ron Hutchinson:

In November 1931, the Brooklyn Vitaphone studios produced a one reel holiday short, #1307, SEASONS GREETINGS. It starred the top personalities working in Vitaphone shorts at the time: Joe Penner, Thelma White & Fanny Watson, Ted Husing , Mr. & Mrs. Jack Norworth ("The Naggers"), Robert "Believe It Or Not" Ripley, and Janet Reade. I did not know of this short's existence until I saw a brief entry in Roy Liebman's VITAPHONE FILMS book. Some digging turned up a complete print with sound at The Library of Congress. We'll try to get this included in the next batch of preservation/restoration work so it can again be seen. Looks like fun. Here are some frames from the short.

Opening with family and Billy "Penrod" Hayes.

Jack / The Box Joe Penner

Joe Penner. Yuk yuk yuk!

Singer Janet Reade

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Norworth, "The Naggers"

Fanny Watson & Thelma White, Vitaphone's female answer to Laurel & Hardy.

Sports announcer Ted Husing.



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