Sunday, March 15, 2015

More Scenes With Marilyn Monroe From LOVE HAPPY

Actually these are scenes that were shot for a sort of flip book during the making of the movie, and not scenes from the movie itself.

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Harpo Marx title card, complete with the rubber band which flipped the pictures to give the illusion of motion.

The complete Harpo Marx "Bubble Smoke" Flip book.
The animated version:

Harpo and a young Marilyn Monroe, who had a small part (with Groucho) in their then current film "Love Happy".

Chico, Harpo and Marilyn.

Marilyn & Harpo pose with the Flip O Vision camera.

Chico's turn with Marilyn, this part shown at a larger size.

Chico with Marilyn, complete sequence.

more Harpo with Marilyn.

photo taken at the shoot...

this one in color...

and the two brothers and MM…

Leonard Maltin site talks about Marilyn Monroe flip book:


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