Thursday, March 26, 2015

SILVER SCREEN October 1932

The October 1932 issue of SILVER SCREEN has Marlene Dietrich on the cover.

On the left are Charles Farrell and Janet Gaynor, and on the right is Thelma Todd.

Thelma Todd got a lot of publicity out of SPEAK EASILY.

Bette Davis was from Massachusetts like Thelma Todd; they also both seem to have been into numerology. A number of movie stars were said to have been involved in the occult.

Left, silent star Douglas Fairbanks in one of his talkies.  Right, Joan Bennett and Claudette Colbert early in their careers.

Jimmy Durante was also in the cast of THE PHANTOM PRESIDENT. 
The Our Gang kids ride a horse. Another time they built their own fire engine. 

On the lower left is an item about Harpo Marx that is related to HORSEFEATHERS.

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