Saturday, February 22, 2020

Richard W. Bann on restoration of Hal Roach library


Richard W. Bann of facebook:

I never saw this, until today, six years later. This was filmed (but by whom?) at the Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Boulevard, during the great SONS OF THE DESERT international convention mounted by Bob Satterfield. Listen carefully, and you'll hear Randy Skretvedt something. I think this was the day I was rushing to the convention, ran a red light, got my photo taken at the intersection, then took an open-air mini-tour bus of L&H locations (just to participate), had a pigeon -- one of those flying rats -- crap on my head from a tree, all preface for the coup de grace when the costumed Oliver Hardy impersonator sitting behind me got sick with all the starting and stopping and threw up on both yours truly and the late Eric Caiden (whose father owned the Masterpiece Package, including STAGECOACH, TO BE OR NOT TO BE, FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT, etc.). So on this fine, but less than perfect day, I had been living out my own version of HELPMATES. As in, "Well, I guess there's nothing else I can do...." But the show must go on! It ends here, however, before Jeff Joseph's appearance. During the intervening years, working with Scott MacQueen at UCLA, Jeff followed through with his institutional restoration and preservation (what we had performed, before giving the HRS nitrate to Rob Stone at UCLA, was commercial preservation for the Eastern Hemisphere copyright proprietor in Munich, without the additional step of the by then less expensive digital restoration), culminating in the BluRay boxed set happily just announced, with a street date on Stan Laurel's birthday in June. You can pre-order your present, now.



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