Thursday, February 20, 2020

Thelma Todd In London


Thelma Todd went to England in 1933 to promote a movie she made wih Laurel and Hardy ( FRA DIAVOLO ), and while she was there she made a movie with Stanley Lupino ( YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU ). She can also be glimpsed in this film.

Full titles read: "MORTON DOWNEY - The famous American, Radio, Film and Recording Star. Filmed at Cafe de Paris, London." Intertitle reads: "Midnight - and though suburban roads may be quiet and lonely, dancing feet throng the floor here - (To the music of Jack Harris and his boys)." Very Good shots of the guests and stars dancing to the jazz music of Jack Harris. There are numerous celebrities at the venue including the film star Thelma Todd, Nelson Keys, Dorothy Dickson, Ruth Roland and the composer Horatio Nicholls. Good L/S's and M/S's of Morton Downey sitting at piano singing 'Stormy Weather' FILM ID:1076.14


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