Thursday, March 19, 2020

June MacCloy

June MacCloy was another actress who was associated with comedies.

June MacCloy, Marion Shilling, Gertrude Short GIGOLETTES

Three of the Gay Girls comedies were directed by Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, who had also been a director on the "Hollywood Girls" series. John MacCloy said of him, "I loved working with Fatty [Arbuckle]. He was a peach of a guy!"     

Like Thelma Todd. June MacCloy played Eve,

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although she played Eve herself in GOOD MORNING EVE, while in SEVEN FOOTPRINTS TO SATAN Thelma Todd played a different Eve who dealt with what turned out to be an impostor Satan.

June MacCloy with Groucho Marx in GO WEST.


 June MacCloy, Marion Schilling, and Getrrude Short in NIAGARA FALLS.

Groucho Marx, Iris Adrian, June MacCloy, and Joan Woodbury in GO WEST ( 1940 ).

June MacCloy:


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