Friday, October 3, 2014


 DECEPTION was a 1932 Columbia picture which starred Leo Carrillo, Dickie Moore, Nat Pendleton, Thelma Todd, and Barbara Weeks. Nat Pendleton, who had done some wrestling in real life, was credited with the story.
Nat Pendleton was also in HORSE FEATHERS with Thelma Todd during this period.  So you might say there are some similarities there.
 Anyway, there's some horsing around in this one, too.
"I seen him foist!" 


Leo Carrillo says he seen Thelma foist.

This poster is very similar.

Although Thelma Todd was fourth billed, this poster used her likeness to promote the film rather than that of Dickie Moore, Nat Pendleton, or Barbara Weeks, the "good girl" of the story.

Leo Carrillo:


Dickie Moore:

Nat Pendleton:


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