Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thelma Todd Photo By Stax

This is actually a positive view of an original camera negative that has been offered for sale on ebay. The date of 1936 is evidently given because it was the release date of THE BOHEMIAN GIRL, which Thelma Todd had been working on in late 1935.

PROVENANCE: The item offered in this listing comes directly from the WATSON FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVE spanning four generations of professional photographers and representing more than a century of Los Angeles news and cultural photography. This historic archive houses a collection of nearly one million images including Hollywood studio portraits and candid celebrities, cultural life of the city of Los Angeles, crime and famous murder trials, sports, automobiles, aviation, politics, and many more subjects.

DESCRIPTION: Original vintage 8" X 10" camera negative on Eastman Kodak safety film of THELMA TODD flashing a big smile as she poses for the photographer STAX GRAVES in a fantastic portrait for the film The Bohemian Girl (M-G-M, 1936). This film was Ms. Todd's last before her tragic death.
This is the original negative that was in the camera at the time the portrait was taken and is therefore the only one of its kind in existence. (Please note this listing is for a camera negative, the scan is of its positive view.)

- SIZE: 8" X 10"
- CONDITION: Fine, with light scuffs.


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