Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Drawings Of Gloria Swanson, Thelma Todd, And Barbara LaMarr

Some movie star art that turned up on ebay. I think I may have seen the photos these drawings were made off of, they look familiar. I think the one of Thelma Todd was drawn off a picture of her looking at a movie magazine.

Ebay listing comments:

"Gloria Swanson, Thelma Todd and Barbara La Marr  "
Artist: Anonymous 
1927 - 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

Hd print 
Plus a free USA made wooden frame !
Value $40.00

The artist created this original drawing in the 1970's Top- Gloria Swanson Bottom- Left Thelma Todd Right- Barbara Lamarr . 
Her art has been in her family's art collection ever since. The artist only exhibited her art one time in her lifetime.

Medium: Pen & Ink 
Condition: new 
Started 2/1/1977
Paper Size: 14 x 11 
Education: AD-ART-STUDIO-SCHOOL, Pittsburgh, PA 2nd year Night School 

About the Artist
The artist who wishes to remain anonymous, is an 87 year old Grandmother, originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She studied at night while raising a family at "The AD-ART-STUDIO-SCHOOL" in Pittsburgh, PA. Sixty years later in 2014 she gave access to her life's work, now it is available for purchase. 


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