Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hal Roach Studios' 20th Anniversary Party Photo

From Randy Skretvedt on facebook.

Randy Skretvedt: This is from the Hal Roach Studios' 20th anniversary party, held on the lot on December 7, 1933. At left we have Babe and Myrtle Hardy, and actor-producer Wallace MacDonald sneering at us. In the background at right is Jesse Lasky with a cigarette. Then there's Ruby and James Parrott, and I don't know whom. The lady *might* be Myrtle's sister Mary Pense, but I don't know who the gentleman is. 

Nick Santa Maria: The man is actor, Kent Taylor.

Randy Skredvedt:  I think the lady is Kent's wife, Augusta. 

Richard W. Bann:  Of course that is Kent Taylor. Superman's alter ego was named in part for him.


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