Friday, January 12, 2018

Not-So-Shaggy Dog Story


Sometimes I write about errors in books, and sometimes I write about errors made by people who say they are writing about errors in books. This time we have the latter.

A reviewer of HOT TODDY by Andy Edmonds by Ann Hellmuth that appeared in the ORLANDO SENTINEL on July 2, 1989 ends with the statement, "But her insistence that all dialogue is based on interviews, personal letters, and Toddy's memorabilia strains credibility, especially when she records conversations Todd had with her dog shortly before she died. Of course, being a Hollywood dog, it may have learned how to dictate it's memoirs."

When I checked the book, I  couldn't find any conversations between Thelma Todd and her dog ( White King - she had more than one dog, but that was the one that was being discussed ). The reviewer may have thought they were smart, but it looks like they outsmarted themselves.

It would have been a better review without that not-so-shaggy dog story.



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