Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Thelma Todd And Zasu Pitts With James Gleason

James Gleason and Zasu Pitts were teamed in several movies. In this photo, James Gleason may be seen between Thelma Todd and Zasu Pitts.

Photo by Stax.

Comments from the Thelma Todd Group on facebook:

Richard Finegan:
I wonder what the occasion was here. The three of them never worked together in a film.

Krystal Snook:
Looks like an outdoor party!

Richard Finegan: Krystle: Yes, probably not on a film set or in a studio.

Richard W. Bann:
Thelma's best friends were Zasu, later Patsy Kelly, Sally Eilers and Charlie Chaplin's secretary. She socialized with her friends.

                                       *                       *                         *

There was some talk of having Thelma Todd in a movie with Zasu Pitts and James Gleason.
James Gleason and Zasu Pitts:


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