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Superman And Thelma Todd

The character of "Lois Lane" was named for Lola Lane, one of the Lane sisters, who married Roland West and inherited the Sidewalk Café from him. But there are more connections between Thelma Todd and Superman than that.

Prior to having played "Luthor" in ATOM MAN VS. SUPERMAN ( 1950 ),

Lyle Talbot appeared in the movie KLONDIKE (1932 ) with Thelma Todd.

After playing "Butch" in Our Gang comedies, Tommy Bond played "Jimmy Olsen" in two Superman serials, SUPERMAN ( 1948 ) and ATOM MAN VS. SUPERMAN ( 1950 ).

Tommy Bond ( left ) with Noel Neill and Kirk Alyn, who played "Lois Lane" and "Clark Kent".

Tommy Bond had been in BEAUTY AND THE BUS ( 1933 ) with Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly,

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so someone who had worked with Thelma Todd at the Hal Roach studio was also in some Superman movies.

When the production Superman adventures moved to television, many episodes were filmed at the Hal Roach studio along with a number of other series, including THE LONE RANGER. 

Sterling Holloway, who had been in ONE TRACK MINDS with Thelma Todd and Zasu Pitts, was on several episodes of THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN.

Joi Lansing, who Hal Roach had previously compared to Jean Harlow and Thelma Todd, was "Sgt. O'Hara" on THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN. Some people say that there were plans to bring her back the next season, which was never made because of the death of George Reeves.

The associations of George Reeves and Noel Neill with Hal Roach studio go back further than the series. During World War II, George Reeves made training films for the Army at the Hal Roach studio. And in 1943, Noel Neill made PRARIE CHICKENS for Roach. 

Third girl from the right on the haywagon is Noel Neill, who is best known for playing "Lois Lane" on television.
Before she was in THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN on television,Noel Neill appeared in an early episode of THE LONE RANGER with Clayton Moore. That might have been filmed at the Hal Roach studio, too.

Lola Lane and Lois Lane:

Noel Neill at the Hal Roach studio:

George Reeves at the Hal Roach Studio during WW II:




Tommy Bond as Jimmy Olsen:


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