Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Roland West Photos

Roland West photos posted by Adam Tunney in the Thelma Todd Fans Group on facebook.

Roland West mourns Thelma's death.

In the posted picture above, you can see the Rudy Schafer, identifiable by the ring and watch, sitting upon something across from West. Here is his sitting awkwardly right next to him. I would surmise that photographers positioned them for this shot together.

Sid Grauman ( owner of "Grauman's Chinese Theater" ), Roland West & Rudy Schafer at the Coroner's Inquest.

If Mae Whitehead claimed that she accidentally forgot to give Thelma the key to her apartment, Roland West's "accidental death theory" falls perfectly into play. The other essential component was driver Ernest Peter's statement that he drove Thelma Todd back to the Café that night. Without those two statements, Thelma Todd could have gone anywhere that night only to have her body deposited in the garage by 10 am that Monday morning.

Robert Anderson ( third from the left ) was the bartender who also worked on Thelma's car. His testimony was important as they figured out why Charles Smith (restaurant accountant and long-time Roland West business associate from their New York days), who lived above the garage, wasn't awakened by the alleged start of Thelma Todd's very loud Lincoln Phaeton, had she climbed the hill to keep warm as proposed by West.


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