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Alfalfa In Superman Cartoons

Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer appeared as a fictional character in Superman cartoons produced by Max Fleischer in the 1940's. I didn't remember that when I had some stuff related to Superman stuff on this blog before.

The character of "Jimmy Olsen" did not appear in those cartoons ( he came from the radio series and was not important in the comics until later on ) and the Alfalfa guy could be regarded as a different kid character who was used in place of him. The Alfalfa guy only appeared in a couple of the cartoons as an incidental character and never became important in the series.

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In SHOWDOWN ( 1942 ) Alfalfa appears as an office boy. 

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In DESTRUCTION, INC. ( 1942 ) the character seems to be someone who just happens to happen along.

The site where I got these pictures called this character the "Mad Kid" - evidently a reference to Alfred E. Newman. They had a little of his confused dialogue from the above cartoon:

Mad kid: "Lois?! Me name is Louis, not Lois! Geef whizz, everybody interpolates me name wrong. It's Louis! L-O-U-I-S - Lois. Err, ah, Louise. (hic) Er - Lucy! Now I'm so mixed-up, I don't know who I am!"

Which dialogue resulted from Clark Kent's happening to address Lois Lane when the kid happened to walk up, obviously taken with Lois Lane. Jimmy Olsen never seemed to think of Lois Lane that way, which was and is one of the things that is wrong with that character.

So that this character, who may be seen as having been in place of Jimmy Olsen, is not really much like him at all.



Alfred E. Neuman:

Alfalfa Switzer:


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