Thursday, February 15, 2018

Spanish Alison Loyd Stamp

"Alison Loyd" was the stage name Thelma Todd used in Roland West's CORSAIR ( 1931 ), supposedly because the name Thelma Todd was associated with comedy. Although the movie was not considered a success and the Alison Loyd business was regarded as a joke by Hollywood, it seems that the use of the name Alison Loyd didn't completely end with the failure of the movie. It was still possible to get an "Alison Loyd" calendar for several years after that. 

An Alison Loyd stamp was also issued by Spain later in the 1930's, as part of a series of collectibles from a society of the blind. It was issued on the date printed on the stamp itself. Both sides of the stamp are shown below.

From Jorge Finkielman:


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