Tuesday, February 20, 2018

New Book

Yesterday, James L. Neibaur posted this message in the Thelma Todd Fan Group on facebook:

I finished work on my book THE HAL ROACH FILMS OF THELMA TODD - ZASU PITTS - PATSY KELLY which examines, film-by-film, the short comedies these ladies did together (Thelma-ZaSu, then Thelma-Patsy, then Pasty with Pert Kelton and, finally, Lyda Roberti). Each film is discussed with background info. This is not a biography. This book does not try to solve the mystery of Thelma's death. This is specifically about the films. Sending it off to the publisher this week.

This picture shows Thelma Todd in a costume she wore in THE SPOILERS: a photo of her in this costume was later used for a couple of magazine covers, something that I've put on this blog before.

The Photo Used On The Magazine Cover:


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