Saturday, February 10, 2018


MURDER AT MALIBU has turned up on ebay before. Here is a little about the book, which I've had on the blog for a while but hadn't published till now.

The description posted by the ebay seller says that Thelma Todd was murdered, a commonly held opinion which was not actually proven. There were also people in the investigation that claimed it was suicide, as this account says. Nothing was ever actually proven either way and the case remains controversial to this day. *

[HOLLYWOOD MYSTERY NOVELS]. O’HANLON, JAMES. Murder At Malibu. New York: Phoenix House, 1937. First Edition. A very scarce mystery novel which is a veiled rendering of the actual murder of Hollywood actress Thelma Todd, which had been declared a suicide due to pressure brought on officials. Very good copy in an excellent facsimile dust jacket.

This is the book the letter was about. We had previously posted this letter at

*The accident theory still has it's adherents and Donati states that it is the correct theory in his biography of Thelma Todd. I put a little about this book ( which I assisted with ) on the blog at


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