Saturday, September 14, 2013

Jean Harlow And Hal Roach

The world of Jean Harlow and Hal Roach in both fantasy and reality.

Jean Harlow, Hal Roach, and Mamma Jean.

George Herriman, who drew "Krazy Kat", used to know Hal Roach and is said to have hung out at his studio. Here we have a depiction of Jean Harlow and Hal Roach in Krazy Kat land, otherwise known as "Kokonino Kounty":

Note that the picture is signed "To Hal and Jean" at the bottom.

Sorta reminds me of the actual photograph of them, only the mother isn't there.

I did see where somebody said this wasn't Hal Roach, but Hal Rosson, at .

Jean Harlow and Hal Roach by George Herriman:


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