Friday, May 31, 2013

Bush Stadium Becomes Apartment House

Bush Stadium in Indianapolis, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has been transformed into an apartment complex. Which sounds kind of funny in more ways than one. You would have thought they'd take someplace on the Register more seriously than that.

                                                 Aerial shot of Bush Stadium from the south.

                                                Aerial view of the apartment complex.

Some of us remember working on a movie in that stadium.
Some scenes of the movie EIGHT MEN OUT were filmed there in 1988, because of it's resemblance to Chicago's Comiskey Park, as well as Crosley Field in Cincinnati.
Producer John Sayles played Ring Lardner and Studs Terkel played Hugh Fullerton.
And here I am being arrested by two Keystone Kops at the stadium in a gag picture taken during the filming.
I was one of the extras, but I couldn't see myself anywhere in the finished film.
A picture of an actual ball game that they had at the stadium.

                                                                 Some stadium details.

Those seat cushions were plastic. In the movie they covered them with some brown stuff to make them look like the old seats they would have had in that period.

They had people doing "volunteer work" fixing up the stadium. Not me. I got paid for my work.

And then I said I didn't care much if the movie made any money or not, at least I made something out of it.
The stadium showing some signs of neglect later on.
More recently it was used as an auto graveyard.

It seems like a shame they can't just keep it as a stadium.
Some EIGHT MEN OUT Baseball Cards
John Cusack

D.B. Sweeny as Shoeless Joe Jackson

Michael Lerner as Arnold Rothstein


John Sayles also guest starred as a baseball player on MATHNET. 


Arnold Rothstein:

Arnold Rothstein on screen:

Bush "Stadium Flats":



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