Tuesday, May 14, 2013


More items from MOTION PICTURE.

This ad for Lux soap predates the ad that shows Thelma Todd's picture.

but Thelma Todd is listed as one of the blondes who use Lux soap.

Photo of Thelma Todd on the bottom of the page.

 Howard Dean Carsey, who took the picture of Thelma Todd, was a prominent Hollywood photographer.
Fans ask abour their favorites. Second item, adressed to "Jo", refers to Thelma Todd as well as Sue Carol.

 One of a series of photos of Thelma Todd with Alice White from around the time they made NAUGHTY BABY.
Photo of Thelma Todd feeding a deer at the bottom of the page.


"Thank Thelma" item for Thelma Todd cocktail from September 1935.

Roland Young and Thelma Todd had appeared together in the movie THIS IS THE NIGHT. They were also said to be associated offscreen.


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