Tuesday, May 7, 2013

PICTURE PLAY 1929 - Hollywood Draws The Line

An article from PICTURE PLAY, originally published in 1929. That was early in the sound era and early in the period when Thelma Todd was working for Hal Roach.  Roach was one of the leading producers of two reel comedies and Charlie Chase as well as Laurel and Hardy were also working for him.

Lloyd Hamilton is not well known today, but at this time was very popular. Charlie Chase was said to emulate his work. Curley ( Three Stooges ) Howard was also said to have drawn inspiration from him.  

It has been said that Dorothy Devore preferred working in short subjects and actually made them rather than make feature films. But it has also been said that Charley Chase was unable to carry a feature film. The story that Chase had turned down offers to star in feature films is questionable. At the time that this was written, the situation seemed much the same as it had in the silent era, with many two reel comedies being produced and run in the theaters. But by the end of the thirties, the situation was different, and two reel comedies were in a decline. Hal Roach moved into feature production due to economic necessity. Short subjects would continue to be made for a time at other studios, the Three Stooges' series lasting into the era of television.

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