Tuesday, May 28, 2013

FILM WEEKLY June 30, 1933

In 1933 Thelma Todd went to England and made the movie YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU. This British movie magazine came out afterward with Joan Blondell on the cover and an article about Thelma Todd inside.

Joan Blondell around the time she made 42ND STREET and GOLDDIGGERS OF 1933.


The article is illustrated with a publicity photo from YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU.  

Thelma Todd's height was usually given as five foot four and her weight was usually given as a hundred and twenty pounds. The same height and weight was given for Clara Bow in this period, but Clara Bow had a difficult time keeping her weight that low as a grown woman. It's not hard to believe that Thelma Todd's weight had originally been more.

Jean Harlow was very popular at the time.


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