Saturday, May 4, 2013

MOTION PICTURE September 1935 - Thelma Todd as Lillian Russell

There had been another reference to Thelma Todd as Lillian Russell in MOTION PICTURE in September 1935. So it seem to have been a recurring thing in that magazine.

Cellophane seemed more glamorous when it was new.

Thelma Todd is likened to Lillian Russell on the last page. It could be because of the then-current movie DIAMOND JIM, which had Binnie Barnes playing Lillian Russell.

                                                         Binnie Barnes as Lillian Russell

Alice Faye as Lillian Russell

                                                Marilyn Monroe as Lillian Russell

And Lillian Russell herself, a glamour girl whose day was before the others.

I thought Paula Stone ( who was in a picture on the last page of the article ) was cute, we've had her on the blog before, in another picture from MOTION PICTURE. One that had Thelma Todd in it.

This happens to be the same issue the Pat O'Brien article was in that I put on the blog the other day.

Watch Paula Stone in SWING IT PROFESSOR, 1937

Binnie Barnes:

DIAMOND JIM with Binnie Barnes as Lillian Russell:

Grace Moore:

Marian Marsh:


Lillian Russell:

Ann Southern:

Paula Stone:


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  1. We have one comment concerning the picture of the Paula Stone party:

    "I don't know the guy on the left, but the guy on the right in the back row is Bob Ritchie. At the time he was Jeanette MacDonald's fiance/business manager.