Thursday, May 16, 2013

PHOTOPLAY Feb. 1932's Issue Thelma Todd Article

In February 1932 PHOTOPLAY published an article about Thelma Todd called "What Hollywood Did To A New England Schoolmarm".

The  man mentioned as having directed Thelma Todd in a recent picture was Roland West, the picture was CORSAIR.

The April issue had a letter from a fan who wrote in because of the article to say that he liked Thelma Todd. 

 History tells us that Thelma Todd spoke out against the "casting couch". History also tells us that in Hollywood exploitation of women was commonplace. Not everyone dared to speak out against it.

 As for the victrola, it was the record player some people like to talk about not knowing, under a different name. Although "victrola" was actually a brand name, in common usage it became a generic term for record players of any brand.




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