Monday, May 18, 2015

Esther Muir In The Fan Magazines

Esther Muir in the fan magazines of the thirties.

                                            HOLLYWOOD FILMOGRAPHY May 27, 1933

At top right there is an item about a radio program with Esther Muir and Harry Langdon. They would later costar in the movie MISBEHAVING HUSBANDS.

                                                                                  HOLLYWOOD March 1937

A picture of Esther Muir and her husband at bottom right. Fawcett published this magazine. 

 At right we see a picture of Esther Muir and praise for A DAY AT THE RACES.

On the lower right is a picture of Esther Muir and Victor McLaglen in BATTLE OF BROADWAY.

                                                   HOLLYWOOD September 1939

At the lower left is a picture of Esther Muir with Mischa Auer, Dorothy Lamour, and Edgar Bergen, a famous ventriloquist who worked with a dummy named "Charlie McCarthy".


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