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Allan Lane

The DVD commentaries mentioned Allan Lane, because he was in one of the films with Thelma Todd and Zasu Pitts.

WAR MAMMAS - Allan Lane, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams, Zasu Pitts, Thelma Todd

The commentary claimed that you were not likely to have seen any of Allan Lane's work other than MR. ED, a show about a talking horse, for which he provided the voice. I don't think that show was run here very much. They had it on Channel 40 for a while, but that station also ran western movies, including the ones with Allen Lane. 

The only good thing about MR. ED was that Connie Hines was on it. 

My advice would be to skip MR. ED and stick to Allan Lane's other work.

Allan Lane played the comic strip character Red Ryder in movies and later on television.

VIGILANTES OF BOOMTOWN ( 1947 ) with Robert Blake.

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There were also Allan Lane comic books, which were based on his western movies.

In real life Allan Lane was at one time married to actress Shelia Ryan, who had worked with him in the movies.

Shelia Ryan worked with Laurel and Hardy in GREAT GUNS ( 1941 )

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and A HAUNTING WE WILL GO ( 1942 ), both at Fox.

World War II pinup photo of Shelia Ryan.

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Shelia Ryan was in the seventh episode of THE LONE RANGER with Clayton Moore.*  I was later on television with Clayton Moore, which could be seen as linked to the television work of one of Laurel and Hardy's costars. It could even be seen as something liked to the Thelma Todd and Zasu Pitts series, since Shelia Ryan had been married to Allan Lane. 

* Shelia Ryan, Clayton Moore, and Jay Silverheels ( "Tonto" ) were all in the supporting cast of THE COWBOY AND THE INDIANS during the same period. Gene Autry was the star. )  
Clayton Moore was linked to Lupe Velez, another of Laurel and Hardy's costars, but did not appear in her movies. 

Allan Lane:

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Shelia Ryan - THE LONE RANGER Episode #7:



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